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The Colombo Air Symposium is one of the key annual events organized by Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF). The inaugural symposium was held in year 2015 and “Colombo Air Symposium- 2018” is the fourth in its series and is scheduled to be conducted on 18-19 Oct 2018 with the participation of local and international key military scholars, thought leaders and diverse field experts.
The significance of the geographic location of Sri Lanka in the South Asian region was identified centuries ago by dwelling her air and land space for military and trade necessities by multinationals of the Eastern and Western world. Today, it is becoming the hub of the Indian Ocean, as well as a key transhipment port in the Bay of Bengal. In light of the maritime and territorial security of this region and development of global trade, the Government of Sri Lanka wishes to exploit the airspace over the country in a more strategic and productive manner.
The “Colombo Air Symposium- 2018” provides a great opportunity to discuss, share and enhance knowledge on formulation of conformable air strategy to optimize the utilization of Air Power to meet the national and international necessities for a better future in military and trading realms for professionals of SLAF and of its sister services as well as other interested professionals in the related scopes.
This year’s theme “Air Strategy in Substantiating the Geo Strategic Importance of Sri Lanka” promisingly stimulate a broad discourse between experts, professionals and researchers in the defence and other related streams and will lead to draw the attention of .the state leaders and policy makers on this subject area and employ greater intellectual and asset investment on future prospectus of the region.

The Symposium Committee requests research authors to submit papers in relation to this year's theme “Air Strategy in Substantiating the Geo Strategic Importance of Sri Lanka” in consideration on the areas such as “Different approach for Air Power”, “Application of airborne and space based systems for Reconnaissance and Early Warning”, “Capability of networked and coordinated Air Defence Weapon Systems” and “Modern equipment and technologies in HADR operations”.


5th March 2018

Submission of Research Topic (Local and Foreign participants)

23rd April 2018

Submission of Research abstract (Local and Foreign participants)

3rd September 2018

Submission of Research Papers (Local participants)

September 2018

Submission of Research Papers (Foreign participants)

September 2018

Workshop for Presenters/ research authors (Local participants)

2nd Week of October 2018

1st and 2nd rehearsals with presentations (Local participants)

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