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10 June 2019 | 08.17 AM

SLAF Media Brief on 10th June 2019

As a routine security measure troops were deployed by SLAF for the protection of the children and schools in Colombo, Katunayake and Ratmalana main three sectors under the purview of SLAF and schools in Morawewa, Palavi, Sigiriya, Mirigama and Diyatalawa.

An airman was died and two wounded at SLAF Base Katunayake around 1530 hrs while Special IS troop duty briefing caused by collapsed coconut tree. One of wounded airman admitted at Negombo General Hospital and other one was admitted at SLAF Base Katunayake Hospital.

014799  Sgt  Darshana    - Died
41659    Cpl  Gunarathne - Admitted at Negombo Hospital
015695  Cpl  Kumara       - Admitted at SLAF Base Kat Hospital

Revised Security Arrangements at BIA
The SLAF was made aware that passengers arriving at and departing from the BIA had to undergo considerable inconvenience because of the enhanced security checks implemented since the 21st of April 2019.  Passengers arriving on flights and passengers arriving for flights had to walk a considerable distance after disembarking from their vehicles or before boarding their vehicles due to the fact that the SLAF was compelled to prohibit entrance of vehicular traffic to the airport entrances.  However, the SLAF is happy to announce that arrangements have now been made to facilitate the entrance of vehicles to the respective gates for drop off and pick up of passengers and to minimize the distance that passengers have to walk with their baggage.  The airport taxi service will also commence at the arrivals terminal exit, so that any passenger wishing to avail of such will be able to book at the terminal and board it just outside.

A detailed graphic describing the new arrangements are displayed for you and will be released to the printed media.   Any passenger arriving at the airport can also consult any airport or air force official for further information about the new arrangements.

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