Welcome to Sri Lanka Air Force 66th Anniversary

The Air Force Tattoo 2017 and Exposition

A Military Tattoo is an event that openly showcases the military prowess, its capabilities and the indispensible assets to carry out its duties and responsibilities. This also incorporates features for public entertainment that makes a Military Tattoo a memorable experience. Similarly, the Air Force Tattoo 2017 is an exposition that portrays the Air Force's role in the national and regional security landscape and the application of its airpower with numerous air assets in multiple spheres. The core idea of the Air Force Tattoo is to publically demonstrate the Sri Lanka Air Force's capabilities in conducting air and ground operations, providing humanitarian assistance and carrying out disaster relief operations and its unprecedented role in promoting international relations, peace and stability.

The Air Force Tattoo 2017 and Exposition presents a multitude of entrancing attractions. Firstly the Sri Lanka Air Force proudly demonstrates the core competencies of the Air Force with the projection of its airpower in myriad fields of engagement. These include but not limited to the capabilities to carry out offensive and defensive air operations, Air Force's peacetime air role, ground defense measures, multiple competencies of the engineering establishment and the proficiencies in numerous support functions that underpins the success of the Sri Lanka Air Force.

Therewithal to the projection of Sri Lanka Air Force airpower, the Air Force Tattoo 2017 offers Mock Attack demonstrations, Skydiving displays and Air Dog shows with a novel touch to captivate the audiences.

Furthermore, the Air Force Tattoo 2017 and Exposition includes multitude of exhibits, exhibition stalls and other presentations from Sri Lanka Air Force Academy, its Bases, Station and local establishments. In addition, the Exposition consists of presentations from domestic air operators, civilian-flying schools, aviation related educational institutions and facilitators, aviation equipment manufactures and other aviation related service providers from Sri Lanka and abroad. This segment of the exhibition intends to provide a first hand experience about the Sri Lanka Air Force, promote the commercial aviation sector and display the latest developments in the field of aviation and aerospace education.

On top of these enthralling attractions, guest performance by the "Air Warriors" Symphony Orchestra of the Indian Air Force intends to captivate the audiences with their classical symphonies and fusion rhythms. The Sri Lanka Air Force Military Band, Beat Group and Bagpipers are also scheduled to enchant the public with soothing melodies and lyrics of rhapsody throughout the event. Adding more in to the Air Force Tattoo's musical extravaganza, the Arrow Stars, Seeduwa Sakura and Flashback are staged on successive dates to electrify the event and entertain the crowds present. In tandem with the these variety of musical performances, the Sri Lanka Air Force Dance Troupe is ready to mesmerize the crowds with their dance performances in a wide variety of classical and contemporary styles.

Finally, when considering the major attractions, variety shows and the musical performances, there is no doubt that the Air Force Tattoo and Exposition 2017 is an enthralling, exciting and entertaining event that befits grandeur celebration of 66 years of distinguished and dedicated service to the nation and its people.