History of AFSC

“Sports is a part of every man and woman’s heritage and its absence can never be compensated for” – Pierre de Coubertin

In keeping with the thoughts of Pierre de Coubertin – Founder of the modern Olympics, the Sri Lanka Air Force has given a key position for Sports in the Sri Lanka Air Force. Thus, the Sports Board dates back to the era of the Royal Ceylon Air Force. The first known Official of the Sports Board was Flight Lieutenant H Renshaw, who was the Secretary of the Air Force Sports Board from 1954 to 1955. The first President of the Air Force Sports Board being Wing Commander AE Dale (1958).

In the year 1977, the Sports Board was renamed as the Air Force Sports Council. Sports in the SLAF was given an even more significance with the Commander of the Air Force taking on the appointment of the President of the Air Force Sports Council. Thus, AVM WDHSW Goonethilake keen sportsman himself became the first Commander of the Air Force to hold the appointment of the President of the Air Force Sports Council, a tradition which has continued to date.

Past Presidents of the Sports Board
Wg Cdr AE Dale 1958
Sqn Ldr PG Walpita 1959
Sqn Ldr SN Samarasinghe 1960-1963
Wg Cdr WMK Wijethunga 1964
Wg Cdr DD De Senavirathna 1965
Wg Cdr PH Mendis 1966-1968
Sqn Ldr WDHSW Goonatilleke 1969-1970
Sqn Ldr JTR Fernando 1971-1973
Wg Cdr S Gunasinghe 1974-1976
Past Presidents of the Air Force Sports Council
AVM WDHSW Goonatilleke 1977-1981
AVM DC Perera 1981-1985
Air Marshal AW Fernando 1985-1990
Air Marshal MJTDeS Gunawardana 1990-1994
Air Marshal OM Ranasinghe 1994-1998
Air Marshal J Weerakkody 1998-2002
Air Marshal GD Perera 2002-2006
Air Marshal WDRMJ Goonatilleke 2006-2009
ACM WDRMJ Goonathilleke 2009-2011
Air Marshal HD Abeywicrama 2011-2014
Air Marshal KA Gunatilleke 2014-2015
Air Marshal GP Bulathsinhala 2015-2016
Air Marshal KVB JAYAMPATHY 2016-2019
Past Secretaries of the Sports Board
Flt Lt H Renshaw 1954-1955
Fg Off MAA Johnpulle 1956-1957
Flt Lt KS Shanmuganathan 1959-1960
Flt Lt DBS Weerarathna 1961-1963
Flt Lt JPR Fernando 1964-1967
Flt Lt SAA Ebert 1968-1969
Flt Lt EY Buell 1969-1970
Fg Off DM De Senvirathna 1971-1972
Fg Off MP Wijesuriya 1972
Fg Off MY Walpita 1972
Sqn Ldr RM Wickramasinghe 1972-1973
Flt Lt MY Walpita 1974-1976
Past Secretaries of the Air Force Sports Council
Flt Lt DM De Senevirathna 1977-1978
Fg Off R Arunthavanathan 1978
Sqn Ldr MP Wijesooriya 1978-1979
Sq Ldr ND De Zoysa 1979-1980
Flt Lt ANCW Jayasekara 1980-1981
Sq Ldr R Arunthavanathan 1983-1986
Sqn Ldr NL De Silva 1987-1988
Fg Off JAR De Silva 1989-1990
Flt Lt DHH Perera 1990-1991
Fg Off HN Abeysinghe 1991
Flt Lt JAR De Silva 1992-1993
Gp Capt NL De Silva 1994-1997
Wg Cdr K Yahampath 1997-1998
Wg Cdr MFJ Hassim 1998-2000
Wg Cdr JAR De Silva 2000-2002
Wg Cdr KVNJ Dharmadasa 2002-2006
Wg Cdr NP Jayathilake 2006-2007
Gp Capt OFHV Fernando 2007-2008
Gp Capt RS Biyanwila 2008-2014
Wg Cdr PN De Costa 2014-2016
Gp Capt PN De Costa 2016-2019