Wednesday - 23 January, 2019

Administrative and Performance Development Module Course structure

The training module is designed as an adult education programme where the course participant is expected to actively seek knowledge. Student Preparation Guides and joining instructions are issued to the course participants well in advance. Handout/ précis, training notes will be provided where applicable. The Mentor will give necessary guidance on all academic subjects. Based on the instructions, the course participants are expected to carry out an in-depth study on the relevant subject in their own time. Course participants are encouraged to share their views, opinions and experiences and make their contributions so that they develop self-confidence expressing their views in a forum while enhancing their knowledge on the subject.


Subjects/areas covered
  • Organizational Responsibilities of a Base Cmdr/CO             
  • Discipline (P1)
  • Personnel Officers (P2)
  • Personnel (Airmen (P3)
  • Public Financial Management
  • Non-Public Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Air Force Law
  • Management