Tuesday - 20 August, 2019

Air Power (AP)

  • Is to provide understanding of Basic Principles of Air Warfare, use of Air Power, develop basic knowledge on Air Operations, Air Defence concepts, tasks, various Air Power rolls in the Air/Land operations, planning and staff procedures involved in Air Operations,components of active and passive Air Defence systems,combat related activities and Air Intelligence.
  • Nature and Principles of war, Meaning and Evolution of Air Power, Air Operations, Air Operations exercise, Air Defence, Air Defence exercise, Electronic Warfare, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare, Flight Safety.
  • Lectures, Assignments and Practical exercises
Scheme of Evaluation
  • End of the module practical examination and assignments.
Recommended Readings:
  • Training notes on Air Power, AP 3000, ACSC, Volume 8, “Leadership and Command”, RAAF Aerospace Centre, “The War in the Air”, The Future of Air Power, Military Air Power.