Sunday - 16 December, 2018

Crisis Management (CM)

  • Is to provide the students the Awareness in Crisis Management and focus them more narrowly on a time limited, problem – focused intervention to identify, confront and resolve the crisis in the most appropriate manner. 
  • Definition and Nature of Crisis, Search and Rescue Operations, Internal Security Operations, Managing Disasters, Appreciation of Crisis Threats, Evacuation and Displaced Persons Management, UN Peace Keeping Operations, Crisis Response Plan, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution Skills.
  • Lectures and Practical exercises
Scheme of Evaluation
  • End of the module practical examination and assignments.
Recommended Readings:
  • Training notes on Disaster Management, UN Peace Keeping Operations Hand Book, Allan Bonner, “Doing and Saying the Right Thing: Professional Risk and Crisis Management”, Harvard Business Review: Crisis Management, Steven Fink, Crisis Management: Planning for Inevitable, Flight Safety Manual, Land Warfare Manual.