Friday - 29 May, 2020

Financial Management (FM)

  • Is to provide an understanding of the Fundamental Concepts in Financial Management and to enable the participants to make optimal use of the financial resources of an organisation.
  • Introduction to Financial Management, Financial Regulations, Estimates & Allocation of Finances, Principles & Objectives of Budget Control, Provision of Buildings Machinery & Equipment (Capital & Recurrent), Inventory Management, Tender Procedures (Minor & Major Tenders) Introduction to Non Public Accounts, Double Entry System, Cash Book Ledgers & Trial Balance, Final Adjustment & Balance Sheet, Audit of Non Public Accounts, Public Accounting Procedures.
  • Lectures, Case Studies and discussions
Scheme of Evaluation
  • Case Studies, Assignments and end of the module examination.
Recommended Readings:
  • Air Publication 3223, Air Force Order - Audit and Administration of Non Public Funds, Rosen Harvey S., “Public Finance”, Van Horne, James C., “Financial Management and Policy”, Jim Mcmenamin, “Financial Management”.