Friday - 29 May, 2020

Fundamentals of Law

  • Is to provide a sound knowledge to the Student Officers on the Legal Procedures Relevant to SLAF and give hands on experience with regard to some legal practices including Conduct of Courts of Inquires Investigations and Disposal of Charges and to give a comprehensive knowledge on International Humanitarian Law and United Nations Roles and Missions in order to Maintain world Peace.
  • Constitution of the Republic, Principles of Natural Justice, Introduction to Air Force Law, Rights & privileges of AF Personnel, Air Force Offences, Civil Offences, Arrest & Custody, Investigation Regulations, Powers & Punishments, Framing of Charges, Disposal of Charges, Evidence, Courts of Inquiry, Court Martial, Seminar on International Humanitarian Law, Role of United Nations.
  • Lectures and Practical exercises
Scheme of Evaluation
  • End of the module practical examination and assignments.
Recommended Readings:
  • Training notes on Air Force Law, Air Force Act, Subsidiary Legislation, Penal Code, ICRC Package on Law of the Armed Conflict.