Friday - 29 May, 2020

Strategic Defense Management (SM)

  • Is to provide understanding on the Fundamentals of Land, Naval and Air Strategies, the influence of individual strategies on overall military strategy, familiarize with the concepts and ideas related to the employment of forces, understand the levels of warfare, introduce military intelligence and its effectiveness and its contribution to the success of overall conduct of Air, Land and Maritime Air Operations and understanding the different leadership approaches and its applicability in the military.
  • A Country: Concept of Nation – State, Nation Building and Role of the Armed Forces, Sri Lanka: Our Motherland, Armed Forces of Sri Lanka, Armed Forces and Levels of Warfare, Higher Defence Organization, Military Intelligence, Security and National Security, Rules of Engagement (ROE), Military Leadership.
  • Lectures and Practical exercises
Scheme of Evaluation
  • End of the module practical examination and assignments.
Recommended Readings:
  • Training notes on Military Strategy, Levels of Warfare, Military Intelligence, Rules of Engagement, Leadership – Enhancing the lessons of experience, Taylor Rosenbach, “Military Leadership”, ACSC, Volume 8, Leadership and Command.