Sri Lanka Air Force Sports Council

The Sri Lanka Air Force Sports Council (AFSC) is constituted to encourage and assist sports in the Sri Lanka Air Force in such a manner as will rasie the standard of sports, encourage the spirit of healthy rivalry and achieve highest possible standards of proficiency in Sports. These aims can be achieved by ensuring that the games are played in the true spirit of sportsmanship through dedication and in keeping with the best traditions of the Service.

Thus, the primary aim of the AFSC is to assist, guide, co-ordinate, encourage and control sports in the Air Force in accordance with the rules as adopted by the controlling sports bodies in Sri Lanka; to administer funds that are placed under the control of the Council and to liaise and maintain a healthy relationship with the Defence Services Sports Board, the other Services and the National Sports bodies registered under the Sports Law.

Accordingly, the composition of the Air Force Sports Council consists of the following members –

Air Marshal RAUP Rajapaksa - President AFSC
- Secretary AFSC
- Treasurer AFSC
- Assistant Secretary AFSC
- The Chairmen/ Chairpersons of all sports in the Air Force
- The Secretaries of all sports in the Air Force
- The Assistant Secretaries of all sports in the Air Force
- The Commandant/ Base Commanders/ Commanding Officers Stations/ Units Formations representing at Inter Unit    games

The AFSC Secretariat –

President AFSC
Air Marshal
Udeni Rajapaksa

Secretary AFSC
Group Caption
DE Geeganage

Treasurer AFSC
Wing Commander
WAVC Rupasinghe

Assistance Secretary AFSC
Squadron Leader
KA Rajaguru


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