(with adherence to Covid-19 Safety Protocols)

1. Date: 22 January 2022

2. Venue: Eagles Golf Links at China Bay, Trincomalee.

3. Entry Fee: As advertised.

4. Eligibility:
Active, amateur men and women golfers who are members of Golf Clubs with an authentic handicap. All players with slope rated handicaps must play to their HANDICAP INDEX or to their DAILY HANDICAP. However, to be accepted, the tournament committee has to be satisfied with the validity of the player's declared handicap.

5. Rules
The tournament will be played in accordance with the current rules of golf as set out by R&A Rules Limited published with effect from January 2019 and any Local Rules displayed on the Tournament Notice-board.

6. Format

7. The Draw:
The Draw will be displayed on the Tournament Noticeboard located in the clubhouse by 6.00 pm on the 21st Jan 2022.

8. Start:
Starting time, and how, when and where each flight will begin the round will be decided by the Tournament Committee on the eve of the tournament.

9. Caddies:
Caddies/Bag carriers will be allocated by the committee.

10. Handicap Limit:
As the Commander's Cup is a BOARD EVENT the handicap limit for men will be 18 or less and for women 24 or less. However, players without a valid handicap may participate in the Commander's cup but their handicaps will be taken as ZERO for calculation of Stableford points.

11. Tees:
White tees for men and Red tees for women.

12. Longest Drive:
For both men and women will be off the 1st tee and the ball must be on the closely mown area between the lines.

13. Nearest to the pin:
For both men and women will be off the 9th tee and the ball must be on the green.

14. Minimum Putts:
The Winner Minimum Putts event is awarded to the golfer who completes the hole with minimum putts at Hole No. 10, Hole No.12 and the Hole No.17 of the Course. This event is common to all Male and Female golfers of the tournament. If a tie comes across considering all the three above Holes, No. 18 will be played to sort, and if even comes up with tie a toss will be considered.

15. Scorecards:
Will be available at the clubhouse from 6.30 am onwards. Please collect your scorecard, enter your name and playing handicap and exchange with a fellow competitor of your flight for marking purposes. Also please mark 'CC' on top of your card to indicate that you are playing in the Commander's Cup. Those who play for the Egles’ Challenge Trophy (players of Tri-services) should mark ‘ECT’ on the top of their score cards (adhering to Covid-19 safety protocols)

16. Scorer:
On completion of the round please make sure your scorecard is signed by the player and the marker and handover to the official scorer who will be located in the clubhouse. Once, you have handed your scorecard over to the scorer, it will be in the hands of the committee and no alterations or amendments can be done to your scorecard.

17. Doubtful Rulings:
If a Rules Official is not readily available please play two balls. You must make your intentions clear to your marker or a fellow competitor. You must nominate the ball that you wish to count if the rules allow prior to making a stroke at either ball. On completion of the round please consult a rules official for clarification before handing over the scorecard to the Official Scorer.

18. Local Rules:
Will be displayed on the tournament noticeboard by 4.00 pm on Friday 21 January 2022.

19. Inclement Weather:
Inclement Weather If due to lightning, water logged greens or any other valid reason in which play has to be stopped. ONE LONG SOUNDING of the siren, players must stop play and find shelter if necessary. TWO SHORT SOUNDINGS of the siren players must resume play.

20. Prizes:
As advertised.

21. Ties:
All ties will be decided by a count back method taking the last 9 holes, 6 holes, 3 holes and last hole into consideration. If that is being equal first 9, 6, 3 and the 9th hole will be considered in a similar manner.
       a.        Please Note:It will be the last 9 holes or the first 9 holes on your scorecard no matter at which hole you started your round.

22. Electronic or any other range finders are permitted to measure distances only but use of any devices measuring slopes or wind speeds are strictly prohibited.

23. Mobile phones must only be used in an emergency or to contact the Rules Officials.

24. Buggy/golf carts are not permitted for the competitors of the event.

25. Slow players will be warned and be penalized in accordance with the rules of golf.

Tournament Committee:

       1. Mr. SI Kasthuriratne – Head of Committee

       2. Mr. Mahinda Perera

       3. Wg Cdr Gamini Rubasinghe

       4. Sqn Ldr Thushan Fernando


On rules matters, on or off the course, please call Mr SI Kasthuriratne.
Mobile No. 0773045508