Joint Military Exercise ‘Cormorant Strike IV - 2013

Published on: 2013-09-11 12:04:33
Joint Military Exercise ‘Cormorant Strike IV - 2013
The Exercise Director of Joint Military Exercise ‘CORMORANT STRIKE IV – 2013’ Brig Piyal Wickramaratne made public the intention of the exercise which commenced on 9th September 2013 at the press briefing, held at the SL Army Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Regiment Colombo on 10th September 2013.The exercise will be conducted in the eastern areas (Kadiraweli, Vakarai, Thrikonamadu, Thoppigala, Narakamulla and Batticaloa) of the Security Force Headquaters- East (SFHQ- E) and will continue till 23th September 2013.

This Field Training Exercise (FTX) organized by the Sri Lanka Army for the fourth consecutive year in close cooperation with Sri Lanka Navy and Air Force was designed for deployment of troops in a war milieu of Special Operations and planned for conduct of joint operations as one team, using the manoeuvrist  approach, encompassing planning, execution and command. Military representatives from Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India, Nepal and Pakistan are participating in this year’s Exercise.
This fifteen day exercise, includes mock Raids on boat yards, Engaging of high value targets, Reconnaissance, Surveillance of targets, Airborne operations, Seaborne operations, Amphibious landings, Path finding missions, Parachuting into enemy strongholds, Ambushes, Search operations, Counter terrorist Missions and Hostage Rescue Missions.

The SLAF will deploy Bell 212 utility, MI 17 transport and MI 24 attack helicopters in their dedicated roles whilst Antanov 32 transporters will airlift paratroopers and logistics into the simulated theatre of operations. Kfir, Mig-27 and F-7 fighter aircraft will carry out the dedicated roles of Battlefield Air Interdiction and strikes behind enemy lines in support of ground troops. This joint exercise is coordinated by Group Captain Ravindra Liyanagamage who will play the role as the Senior Air Force Coordinator. The Following dedicated roles will be played by the "Air Contingent".

       a.     Air transportation of Special Forces and Commando teams and induction- extraction from            
          simulated battle areas.

       b.       Induction of paratroopers of the Special Forces and Commandos deploying MI 17 helicopters and
         AN 32s transport aircraft.

       c.      Interdiction and strike operations behind the enemy lines.

       d.       Provision of Close Air Support to troops conducting the amphibious landings and supporting their 
         assault to the objective using Mi24 Attack helicopters.

       e.      Conduct of simulated or real CASEVAC Air missions in addition to logistic support for the simulated

The Director Training of the SL Army Brig Ralph Nugera, Director Naval Operations Commodore Nerajan Atigala, Special Operation Commander Brig Jayantha Rathnayake, Ex Bde Commander Commando Regiment Col Jajantha Balasooriya, Ex Bde Commander Special Forces Lt Col Nissanka Eriyagama, Ex Air Representative Wing Cmmander Prasanna Kuruwita, assisted Brig Piyal Wickramarathne at the press briefing. Director Media of the Army, Air Force Spokesman, Navy Spokesman, Senior Military Officers, and media representatives were also present at the conference.

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