Women Athletes Carry SLAF Flag High

Published on: 2009-08-10 17:06:14
Women Athletes Carry SLAF Flag High
Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) Women Athletes rode the crest of a winning wave during the 27th National Women’s Athletic Championships held at Sugathadasa Stadium recently. The SLAF athletes have shown winning streaks in many championships, such as National Relay Carnival Women’s Championship and Junior National Championships, concluded during the past few months.

Gold Medals -11

Name                                               Event                            Performance
Nimali H.B.A                                   3000 St Cha.              New Sri Lanka Record 11:01.08 Sec
Sadakanthi K.A.D                          800m                            2:21.48 Sec
Dulakshi W.P.E.R                          800m (under 20)       2:26.26 Sec
Fernando K.M.K.N.A                     100m Hur                    16.83 Sec
Sadakanthi K.A.D                          5000m                         18:29.25 Sec
Dulakshi W.P.E.R                         400m Hur (under 20)1:09.89 Sec
Sadamali D.A.S                             400m Hur                    1:04.42 Sec
Perera R.M.N.A                              400m                            59.84 Sec
Samanmali D.A.S                         1500m                          4:04.23 Sec
Weerasekara W.H.R.M                Discus                          37.57m
Ranasinghe S.D                           Pole Vault                     2.60m
Silver Medals - 08

Name                                                Event                            Performance
Samanmali D.A.S                          800m                            2:21.48 Sec
Perera R.M.N.A                               200m                            27.17 Sec
Deepani M.AR                                5000m                          18:34.21 Sec
Nisansala R.H.A                            400m Hur                    1:04.96 Sec
Sadakanthi K.A.D                           1500m                         4:44.50 Sec
Sadamali U.G.D                             400m                            57.80 Sec
Weerasekara W.H.S.K                  Shot Put                       11.53m
Sadamali J.M.I                                Discus                          34.84m
Bronze Medals - 11

Name                                                Event                            Performance
Nadeeshani W.M.R.N                   10000m                        39:53.62 Sec
Mendis D.A.S                                  200m                             27.04 Sec
Dhilhari R.A.W                                3000 St. Cha.              12:37.86 Sec
Nisansala R.H.A                            5000m                          18:53.86 Sec
Fernando K.M.K.N.A                      400m Hur                     1:06.90 Sec
Wijesinghe S.A.D.P.S                   100m                             18.62 Sec
Darshani J.P.G                               Discus                          34.40m
Perera K.A.K.L                                Pole Vault                     2.40m
Sadamali U.G.D                             Shot Put                       10.00m
Hassim G.F                                    Discus                          27.75m
Senevirathna P.L.D.T.S                Javelin                           36.97m