Completion of No. 30 Drill Instructor Technique Course

Published on: 2012-01-31 13:34:42
Completion of No. 30 Drill Instructor Technique Course
The Closing Address Ceremony of No 30 Drill Instructor Technique Course was held on    27th January 2012 at the Gunner Instructors’ Lecture Hall of Sri Lanka Air Force Station Diyatalawa with the participation of Commanding Officer Group Captain AJ Amerasinghe. Following sixteen (16) subjects were covered during the training course viz.
Foot Drill / Arms Drill
Drill coordinate  with drum
Drill mutual and Teaching methods
Pace stick drill
Drill theory phase and ceremonial drill phase     
Exercise white post, Arms Drill, Squad Drill with drum beat
Arms Drill mutual
9 mm SSMG Introduction and 9 mm SSMG Mutual
Introduction of Sword and Sword Drill
Colour Introduction and street line procedure
Colour Drill introduction
Guard of Honour procedure
Guard of Honour
Flight Drill and Squadron Drill
Wing Drill                    
Funeral Drill procedure and exercise final journey
22691 Sgt Senanayake R M C emerged as the Best Drill Instructor for his excellent performance and was awarded with the trophy presented by the No 02 DI Course.

17011 Sgt Welagedara performed as the WO I/C of the course and Sqn Ldr MADAP Perera shouldered the responsibility as the Officer I/C of the course.