footer_roundelAir Field Construction - Civil Engineering
The officer cadre of the Directorate of Civil Engineering is categorized as the branch of "Air Field Construction" (AFC).The Officers for AFC Branch are commissioned directly from graduates, engineering diploma holders or equivalents from recognized institutions, in the fields of Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. In addition, the above cadre consists of Architects, Surveyors and Quantity Surveyors. The Architect is commissioned directly from graduate Architects, Surveyor from graduates or diploma holders in Surveying field from recognized institutions, and Quantity Surveyor from graduates or equivalent qualifications from recognized institutions. Graduates are commissioned in the rank of Flight Lieutenant and others are given the rank as appropriate with the qualifications and experience they posses.

The officers of AFC branch who come under the Directorate of Civil Engineering are generally appointed as works Engineers, of stations and formations of Sri Lanka Air Force. They are responsible for all the functions encompassing Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering of the station. In addition to the non-technical duties pertaining to the SLAF stations may required to be performed.
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