Sri Lanka Air Force Diyatalawa

The main role of  SLAF  Diyatalawa is to provide Initial Combat Training to Officers and other ranks enlisted to the Air Force. The Station conducts basic combat courses for:
  • Student Officers
  • Officer Cadets
  • Lady Officer Cadets
  • Airmen and Airwomen Recruits
Diyatalawa Base Training Wing The initial combat training is designed to convert the civilians who join the Air Force into military service personnel irrespective of their background.

The training is tough and only those with endurance and the ability to withstand stress will come through successfully.

Diyatalawa Base Officer Cadets MessThe Station also conducts specialized training such as:
  • Advanced training for Regiment Officer Cadets
  • Gunner Instructor Technique Course
  • Drill Instructor Technique Course
  • Physical Training Instructor Course

Diyatalawa Base Holiday HomeSituated in the scenic central hills of Sri Lanka, this Station has the provision to accommodate more than 1000 trainees at one instance.

The Station is equipped with the infrastructural facilities to support the trainees in all their needs. The permanent staff members are provided with facilities such as married quarters for families, medical, recreational, etc,.

In addition, there are several types of  "Holiday Homes" available for the use of SLAF personnel.
This station commanded by Air Commodore WWPD Fernando.

Air Commodore WWPD Fernando  RSP, MSc, (Def Stu) in Mgt, MDS, MA (Sec Stu-USA), psc
Commanding Officer
Sri Lanka Air Force,
Diyatalawa, Sri Lanka.

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