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The Sri Lanka Ex-Air Force Association was established with the view of fostering a spirit of comradeship and assisting in the rehabilitation or re-employment of its members. The association grants financial and other assistance to its members and their immediate family members from its benevolent fund. The Sri Lanka Ex-Air Force Association assist in establishing provincial Air Force Clubs and Associations and promote cordial relationships with other Organizations with similar objectives.

Members of the Regular Air Force who left after completion of minimum of five years of service and the Members of the Volunteer Air Force who left after completion of minimum of five years continuous mobilised service shall be eligible for Membership of the Association. Officers who have been relieved of their commission, airmen and Air women who have been dismissed from the service will not be eligible for membership in the association.

Birth of the Assciation

Sri Lanka Ex- Air Force Association (Sri Lanka Air Force Es-Servicemen's Association as it was then known) was formed on the 24th August 1980 at the Sri Lanka Ex- Servicemen's Institute Auditorium, Presided over by Air Vice Marshal WDHSW Goonatilleke, then the Commander of the Air Force (from Nov. 1976 to April 1981) Now Air Chief Marshal, (Deceased).

At the Inaugural Meeting nearly 75 officers and Other Ranks who had retired from the service were present in response to paper advertisement  giving notice of the Inaugural meeting (Historical Occasion) which every one was looking forward. The main objective for the formation of this Association was to continue the Esprit.  De Crops of Air Force Members (Foster a sprit of comradeship even after leaving the service. Now the Membership has reached well over 4000 and will and hit the five digit target in the near future.

The extreme Dedication and Devotion of the past and Present patrons, Presidents, Members of the Board of Management with the blessing of the general Membership, are the key factors behind the success of the Association and will continue the uphill (onerous) task of maintaining the standard quality in adhere with Tradition end Etiquettes prevailed the Past. (Through -out)

Sri Lanka Ex-Air Force  Association Constitution

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