Sri Lanka Air Force Koggala

SLAF Koggala is located 14 Km to the south of Galle town, in an area with a fabulous  landscape and leading the two ends of the runway to the Koggala lagoon and sea.

The site would have been selected by the RAF to establish the air field  considering its strategically importance for the air crafts engaged in reconnaissance  duties in South East part of the Indian Ocean during the World War II.

Koggala Holiday HomeThe airstrip at Koggala provides basic aerodrome facilities to both commercial and military aircraft.

The Station also offers several facilities for its members such as accommodation, medical , recreational , etc,. In addition there are several "Holiday Homes" available for the use of SLAF personnel.

On 05th  April 1995,  fifty  three years to  the  day following   Japanese  bombing of Sri Lanka, a  war memorial   with  the names  of 21 personnel of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

When remembering  the important events  of the World WarII, the  air field of Koggala will always be in the picture as the man who did one of the most important single contributions to victory, as described by Sir Winston Churchil, Air Commodore Birchall, took off his Catalina flying boat from Koggala for this decisive flight.

This station is commanded by Group Captain MPA Galappaththi.

Group Captain MPA Galappaththi,
Commanding Officer,
Sri Lanka Air Force,
Koggala,Sri Lanka.

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