Sri Lanka Air Force Training School - Flying Training Wing


The badge denotes that the yellow Eagle guiding the two white coloured eaglets with the continuous knowledge and wisdom just as the oil lampbrightens the dark continuously.


NomadapuhunuwaNibadaSewaya(Sinhala) Good training will provide continuous service.

Key Dates

01 September 1951 - Beginning of No.1 Flight at Royal Ceylon Air Force Base Katunayake

1963 - Shifted to Royal Ceylon Air Force Base China Bay and renamed as No.1 Flying Training Wing

11 August 1988 - Relocated to Sri Lanka Air Force Base Anuradhapura

01 January 2009 - Relocated to Sri Lanka Air Force Academy China Bay

2010 - No.14 Advanced Training Squadron absorbed to No.1 Flying Training Wing

Operating Aircraft

Cessna 150




To become the premier training institution for aviation professionals in the region.


To inculcate and maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct, commitment and professional competence among our trainees.

To provide basic flying training to flight cadets of the Sri Lanka Air Force.
To conduct Advanced and Fighter Conversion training courses for pilots.
To conduct Basic Air Traffic Control Courses.
To provide limited Air Defence through the use of K-8 as an interceptor.