Dental Officers
Dental Officer is meant to be the leader of the each "Dental Team" allocated for the dental centers. In general responsibilities of a Dental Officer in the SLAF can be broadly categorized into three main areas.

Preventive oral health care.

Majority of the common dental diseases is easily preventable with effective behavioral changes. Therefore, if not more, it is equally important to carry out well designed preventive health programmes parallel to the curative programmes in order to attain optimum oral health. As the team leader Dental Officer is entrusted with responsibilities to plan, implement and evaluate preventive oral health programmes in the SLAF.

Curative oral health care

Dental Officer is the main person who undertakes the treatment procedures for those who are suffering from various oral health problems in the SLAF. At the same time he or she has to ensure an effective delivery of oral health care facilities to needy individuals in the stations they are being made in-charges of.

Administrative work

Dental Officer who is responsible for smooth running and the overall discipline at their respective dental centers, in his /her routine day to day work, has to involve him or her self in a variety of administrative work both within and out side the frame work of dentistry. These tasks include Maintenance of records, Management of drugs and material stores, Corresponding with different sections of the same station or with the other stations for general/dental administrative purposes, Supervision of the personnel under him/her and writing reports on them whenever necessary, Enforcing disciplinary regulations in the dental centers to suit the Service standards, Continuous education of the personnel under him/her, Control and monitoring of ongoing health programmes, Making recommendations on relevant matters to the superior authorities, Assessment of oral health status of the personnel prior to important events such as recruitment, re-engagement and overseas training etc.

Qualifications/Rank Entitled
QualificationsRank Entitled
BDS or equivalent with full registration with SLAMCFlight Lieutenant




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