Directorate of Ground Operations
Ground Operations
Ground Operations in the SLAF are conducted through its troop deployment which is organized into 12 Regiment Wings stationed at all SLAF installations and special deployments (groups).

These Regiment Wings are composed of Squadrons of troops specially trained in ground combat. While their primary role is air field security, they are also supporting the Sri Lanka Army in manning defence lines in the Northern part of the country. In addition to these roles, the Regiment handles the Explosive Ordinance Device (EOD) requirement of the Air Force as well. Support Services.

Functions and Responsibilities pertaining to Ground Operations:

Defence of SLAF installations
The defence of all SLAF installations, which include Bases, Stations, Units, Detachments and wherever the SLAF is deployed.   

Ground Intelligence
The gathering of ground Intelligence is a vital function required by any military organization.

EOD operations
Explosive Ordnance Disposal tasks include demolishing unsafe ordnance, assisting civil authorities in handling explosives related emergencies and educating personnel on explosives safety.

Internal Security Operations
Regiment personnel are deployed when required to assist law enforcement agencies ie. The Police

Disaster Relief Operations
In times of disaster, be it natural or man-made, the regiment stands ready to assist the local disaster management agencies.

Ground Defence Training of all SLAF personnel
Training all SLAF personnel on the aspects of Ground Defence and security.

Ceremonial Functions
Organising, controlling and facilitating all ceremonial activities such as parades and drill displays.

Air Dog Unit
Air Dog Unit provides sniffer, guard and tracker dogs for security related functions.





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