Directorate of Welfare

The Directorate is responsible for the welfare of all serving Officers and Other Ranks. In addition the Directorate is also responsible for rehabilitation and re-employment of the personnel disabled-in-action and also to look into the grievances/difficulties & welfare facilities of the families of the personnel killed-in-action.

As such the Directorate of Welfare is tasked with the responsibility of establishing and administering welfare organizations for providing financial and other essential welfare facilities to uplift the living standards of the service personnel, their families and families of personnel disabled and killed-in-action.

The Following functions and responsibilities fall under the Directorate of Welfare

The services provided by this Directorate to serving personnel includes;

  • Free Distribution of school books among service personnel and civilians
  • Assistance in teacher transfers for spouses
  • Assistance in case of deaths of immediate familiy members

The services provided by this Directorate to personnel disabled-in-action and families killed-in-action are as follows

  • Training Courses for Disabled Personnel
  • Issue of an identity card
  • Railway Passes
  • Distribution of gift parcels, annually, for school children
  • Fixed deposits for children
  • Interest free housing loans

In addition, this Directorate is responsible for organizing the annual religious ceremonies to commemorate the personnel killed-in-action.



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