About Us

Sri Lanka Air Force Seva Vanitha Unit established in 1984, which was inaugurated with the Seva Vanitha Movement of Sri Lanka (Incorporation) Act, No. 10 of 1987 with the aim of assisting predominantly for community development to harness the support of the women of Sri Lanka to ensure equal of opportunity, empowerment and uplifting of living standards for a hassle free peaceful environment. Further, it’s an ordinary practice to ensure the enhancement in quality of life of both service and civil personnel of the Sri Lanka Air Force and their dependents. Moreover, this unit stands to support the impoverished people around the country irrespective of gender, race, religion, language or political opinion as a pillar of national solidarity. At present, this unit has been launching assistance to the needy under the guidance of the incumbent Chairperson, Mrs. Enoka Rajapaksa.

One of the main goals of this unit is to provide financial benefits through loans and grants to all service personnel including families of deceased/disabled personnel in order to cater to their financial difficulties such as medical loan schemes to relive the recipient from financial burdens faced due to a critical illness of a family member, loans for self-employment for the spouses to invest in a self-employment project, special grants/scholarships for children to fulfill their academic dreams in recognition of outstanding achievements in academics, field of sports or other extracurricular activities.

Beyond the boundaries, Sri Lanka Air Force Seva Vanitha Unit fledged its wings to get involve in charity at a national level. Thus, the unit executes its mission by assisting Hospitals, Orphanages, Religious Institutions, Schools, and Villages by providing equipment, men, material or monetary assistance during times of distress.