An Artistic Regeneration of The Humanitarian Operations Untold Experiences

In the year 2013 on the instructions of the Commander of the Air Force at the time, Air Chief Marshal Harsha Abeywickrama, a board was appointed to gather information on untold and undocumented experiences of personnel of the Sri Lanka Air Force which took place during the humanitarian operations which were concluded in the year 2009.

Director General EngineeringThis endeavor saw Corporal Thilaka RGA from the Directorate of Media which was known at the time as the Command Media Unit being selected as the artist who would eventually bring to life these untold and undocumented experiences. With this in mind, a letter was released to all Academy, Bases and Stations calling for service personnel with information regarding such untold and undocumented significant experiences related to the Sri Lanka Air Force. As s result of this, approximately 40 significant incidents were selected by the board and the list was further short listed to 29 incidents which were deemed necessary to be regenerated by the selected artist. The artist together with the persons involved in the selected incidents held discussions at length on the circumstances and details of the said incidents. These discussions enabled Corporal Thilaka to accurately recreate an artistic regeneration of the events which were selected.

Thus, above are to the artistic regenerations of then Corporal Thilak which are to date preserved at the Directorate of Media for all historical and artistic enthusiasts.




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