Tiger Moth and Chipmunk Takes to the Skies this Saturday
3:28pm on Wednesday 23rd December 2009
The SLAF Museum plans to fly two of the oldest aircrafts in their fleet this Saturday (December 26th, 2009) in an Air Demonstration taking place at the Rathmalana Air Base at 10AM (1000Hrs).

The venerable De Havilland Tiger Moth and the Chipmunk TMK are two flying legends which have been fully restored to flying condition by a dedicated team of SLAF engineers and technicians.

De Havilland Tiger Moth

Tiger Moth and Chipmunk Takes to the Skies

The Tiger Moth aircraft was originally built in 1937 at De Havilland aircraft Company located in England.

The Tiger Moth aircraft was received from Ceylon Air Academy on 21st Jan 1982 in a poor state of disrepair and deterioration.

The SLAF completed its rebuilding on September 1988 and was successfully flown on 18th September 1988. This is the oldest aircraft on display at the SLAF Museum.

Chipmunk TMK

Tiger Moth and Chipmunk Takes to the Skies

The chipmunk was the 1st aircraft to enter into the service in 1951 as a basic trainer and phased out in 1985, at present 2 aircraft are in fully airworthy condition.

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