Motor Transport Mechanic
Motor Transport MechanicAn airman of this trade will be concerned with the servicing of all types of Mechanical Transports used within the SLAF. At Bases/Stations their task will be to perform routine servicing including changes of major components. At the Land Rover Overhaul wing and at the Mechanical Transports Repair and Overhaul Wing, their task may include heavier maintenance, such as major repair, re-wiring and engine overhaul. As with all trades the more specialized and qualified persons will go on to being instructors of this trade.


Passes in 06 Subjects at the G.C.E.(O/L) Examination at not more than two sittings including ordinary passes in Sinhala/ Tamil language, Mathematics and Science(Mathematics II, Science II if an applicant of year 1999/2000).A credit pass for Mathematics / Science is essential.


ශ්‍රී ලංකා ගුවන් හමුදාව
ගුවනේ ආරක්‍ෂකයෝ
National Defence College
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